The difference: Hollywood Lasni Sistem® & wigs and tupes

Most cheaper copies or eye-like products have instead of natural, never treated (uncolored) hair, treated Asian hair or even synthetic, which means they will never last up to 4 years! Most copies fall apart after a few months and are WITHOUT WARRANTY!

The Lasni Sistem® does not damage your hair, does not tighten it and consequently pulls and weakens your hair. It also does not suffocate them, like custom-made wigs with silicone or some other base, as the microgrid with approx. The 1mm large holes allow the scalp to breathe as much as possible.

The difference

Features of the Lasni Sistem® compared to the best wigs or inserts made of natural hair:

6 month warranty!

Individually designed (shape, length, hair color, plaster mold removed from the head before ordering)

Securely fastened with MEDICINALLY TESTED STRIPS (possible to use while swimming, diving, horseback riding, motorcycling, dynamic dancing and more)

It allows the skin to breathe - which is especially appreciated by all those who have so far worn impractical wigs and blunt

Allows continuous wear for 3-4 weeks (even at night and in the shower)

It's ultra light and comfortable - so you don't even know you're wearing it

The micronet is so thin that you can run your fingers through your hair as well as through your own

Made only from the best tested natural hair - virgin hair, natural colors

It even allows you to comb straight back with no visible edge!

It looks completely natural 24 hours a day

Easy to install

Duration of up to 4 years - price from 935 EUR - with optimal appearance, comfort and reliability of attachment

Satisfied customer with the Lasni Sistem®.

Lasni Sistem® with dark hair and a typical transparent mesh base.

A typical wig look.

Wigs and tupes

In most cases, there is no guarantee

Wigs are made by machine and do not give the feeling of natural hair

They are mostly mass-produced

Possibility of sliding off the head in the wind, fast movements, etc.

They are hot (the skin under the wig sweats a lot, which is a big problem in the summer or under the lights - which is especially inconvenient for TV announcers and actors)

Continuous wearing is not possible without consequences on the skin

They are uncomfortable (you never forget it's on your head)

The lining of wigs and tupes is thick and irritates the skin or from poor quality microgrid

They are made mostly of treated hair that breaks quickly, mixtures of natural hair and man-made fibers, only man-made fibers, they can also be mixtures with animal hair (strong)…

Limited haircut options

It never looks really natural - the density of the hair is unrealistically high, the wind reveals the edges

They last half to one year - with a price of 500 EUR onwards (for long natural hair, which is usually treated Asian hair - so more porous and thus brittle and not European untreated!). Many times, however, they are even made of artificial fibers.

Attention: The custom-made original Hollywood Hair System® has the date of manufacture and the name of the owner (customer) stamped into the silicone part on the back! The mesh of the real Hair System® has quite large holes (approx. 1 mm!) For the skin to really breathe and is therefore significantly friendlier to the skin than the dense mesh of other products, which is therefore hotter.

In 4 - 6 years, 4 exchanges of lower-priced wigs and tupes cost EUR 2,000 or more, and again the same amount if you change every six months. So there is no doubt that with the Hollywood Hair System® you save and get an unimaginably higher quality of life.

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