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We own a franchise to sell the Lasni Sistem® throughout all of Europe.

Špela Šeme

Head of the Lasni Sistem® Department, Dr. Špela Šeme, an active member of the NAAF , has over 35 years of experience in bridging hair loss and she also wears the Hair System®. So she knows what she is talking about and personally explains to you all of the important details about how the Lasni Sistem® is installed, maintained and used. You know - the problem is always in the details.

Dr. Špela Šeme actively cooperates with international experts in the field of discovering the causes of alopecia areata and regularly organizes educational seminars on this topic. Interested Slovenian medical staff is also informed about the discoveries in this field. Members of the entire team working in our department either have their own hair loss experience, or someone close to them has lost their hair.

We at the company are proud to be specialists in consulting on:

Dr. Špela Šeme, in addition to her work, is also the initiator and leader of the first Slovenian Self-Help Group for Hair Loss and organizes regular meetings for all (in the Kranj health center) who suffer from hair loss.

Our goals

The goal of our department is to help people suffering from partial or complete hair loss. Our help includes psychological and aesthetic bridging of loss and consists of:

Being able to contribute to a better quality of life for people is undoubtedly a great gift. Being a member of a company that has such a noble mission, however, is a special joy and honor.

Information on Self-Help Group meetings can be found in the Self-Help Group section.