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The system is made from natural, uncolored European hair (unless you wish otherwise), so maintenance is similar to having your own hair.

Nourish your Lasni Sistem® just like real hair!

It is important to wash regularly with lukewarm water, which is necessary when you notice that the hair is dirty (more knotted and no longer shiny). Be sure to use a conditioner as it restores moisture and elasticity to the hair. Air drying is recommended, but if you are in a hurry, you can use a lukewarm hair dryer to keep it as far away from the system as possible. The comb should be with sparse and sharpened teeth so as not to tear the mesh with it. Brushes are not recommended as they populate more hair.

We will teach you in detail about maintenance when you receive the Hair System®, where you will also receive instructions for the maintenance of your Lasni Sistem®.

If you have additional questions, you can always call us on our phone numbers and we will be happy to advise you. However, if this is still too hard for you, we will invite you to visit our salon, where you will be able to leave yourself in the hands of our specially trained hairdressers.

In the following, we have prepared some of the most common questions and answers just for you, which will make your decision easier and eliminate the fear of the unknown.

In winter, due to more smog, it is necessary to wash your hair more often. Also, if you are often in smoking areas. There is no written rule, nor is there one for those with their own hair. The system's natural hair behaves naturally even in wet and dry weather. If you have small pimples on your skin, it is not an allergy to the mesh, but to the dirt - it is high time to wash your system.

At the beginning, we advise you to take more time to install and install the system yourself for the first time when you are in no hurry. Definitely not before work!

It will usually take you longer in the beginning (as is usual when getting used to every new thing), but after a couple of installations you will be so skilled that you will install it in a few minutes.

1) Through the upper part of the system (where the hair is!) Spray around the perimeter of the front part - along the adhesive tape solvent that peels off the adhesive tape from the mesh.

2) Wait approx. 2-3 minutes (not too long, otherwise the glue dries back).

3) Gently pull the system off the head - (for the whole system, the flaps first!) Then hold the system at the rear and lift it from the back to the front. The hair system® is usually separated from the adhesive tape, which thus remains glued to your head. If the adhesive tape still sticks to the system, use the spray you received at the time of purchase and spray some more solvent in these places and wait another minute or so.
Ne poskušajte odstraniti sistema, če se ga kje še drži močnejši lepilni trak (moder ali bel)!

4) Once the system has been removed, you can wet your fingers with solvent and then remove any residual adhesive tape from the head.

5) Residual glue can be wiped off the head with a muck-proof cloth (soft cotton toilet cloth or towel) soaked in solvent.

To remove it, you need a special spray that peels off the strips and does not harm the hair. The spray is of course available in our studio. In case you have no hair or not at least where the adhesive tape comes from (at the edge of the system), the reception of the system is not necessary on the head, but you can remove it dry. Then spray in this case only on the system (tape) to detach from the microgrid.

The Lasni Sistem® can be washed on the head or removed. In the first case, it is extremely important that you do not tilt your head over the funnel (most often women wash their hair this way), as this is more likely that your hair will become knotted. When tilted over the funnel, the water jet forces the hair into a position that is opposite to the direction of knotting the hair on the mesh of the system, which causes knotting and more difficult combing. If you are washing the system on your head, do it in the shower, tilt your head back and follow the usual shape of your hairstyle with a water jet. If you have a crossbar, let the jet fall as far as the middle of it.

Apply shampoo twice and rinse, then apply balm once. This should not stand on the net, as it makes the hair soft, and thus also the knots from the hair that are on the net. In this case, the nodules would start to unravel and you would lose hair faster.

If you prefer to wash the system by removing it, comb it first. Then remove it from the head, remove the adhesive tape, turn it so that the mesh is on the outside and the hair on the inside, and so immerse in a basin or funnel of lukewarm water.

Recording can also sound very complicated - but when you do it a few times, you can see for yourself that it's very easy. Recording with PARTIAL systems always starts on the back of the system. The front, gentler part would tear if you started there! First peel off the back and from there pull the system towards the front of the head - upwards, until it stops a bit at the designs - the outlines of the flaps. Lift both flaps, grasp and pull the back again, and only then remove the front end completely. Of course, you need to remove the adhesive tapes beforehand - the description follows below.

Depending on how much you sweat and how much acid your sweat contains. Over time, body acids begin to dissolve the adhesive tape, which lasts a maximum of one month of continuous wear. Sweating alone is not so problematic, as the strips are waterproof, you just have to make sure that the skin is dry, non-greasy and (where the strips come from) hairless.

You can. 95% of people who wear the Hair System® do this as well. Upon receipt and the first design - haircut of the system, you will receive written instructions for maintenance, in addition, we will show you everything, as well as try to remove and install the system yourself. If you still don't understand something, we encourage you to call us more times than not to call and clear up any ambiguities. We can help you in case of any problems, as we have our own experience with wearing the Lasni Sistem® - and believe me, we have already helped everyone who had any additional questions.

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