Male baldness

Hair loss in men, or baldness, is extremely common. Statistically, it starts in every other man around the age of 50. Baldness occurs mainly in the male population. In women, however, hair loss often occurs after the age of 60.

The first signs of male pattern baldness

In men, the first signs of baldness may appear around the age of 20. Gradual thinning of the hair begins, the first changes on the scalp also appear. Hair becomes thinner, shorter and their pigment becomes lighter. Hair loss usually occurs gradually, but the condition progresses over time until baldness occurs.

The causes of baldness in men are different, but in the vast majority of cases, excessive hair loss is genetic. Men inherit hair roots that are sensitive to hormonal changes and over the years begin to react to testosterone byproduct. Baldness can also be caused by medications that affect the hair roots. Baldness or severe hair loss can also be caused by a malfunctioning thyroid gland, various surgeries, or receiving chemotherapy. Pregnancy and childbirth can be the cause of similar hair problems in women, where complete baldness never occurs, but hair loss can be great.

At what age and how quickly hair loss begins in a man depends on various circumstances. We know seven different phases according to the Hamilton scale, according to which we can determine the degree of baldness. In the first stage, no symptoms are detected that lead to hair loss or baldness. In the second stage, a gradual lifting of the hairline begins above the eyes. In phase 2A, in addition to the area above the eyes, the hairline also begins to rise on the forehead. In the next, third phase, the hairline begins to rise markedly on the forehead. In phase 3A, forehead hair loss is already visible. The next stage, which leads to baldness, is phase 3 vertex, where a circle already appears in the middle of the scalp. In the next two stages, hair loss is fast and slowly the lines from the frontal area and the scalp merge. In the last, seventh stage, baldness occurs, as the man loses hair on the entire upper part of the head.

Baldness can be a big problem especially for younger men and teenagers, as appearance is extremely important at that time. Hair loss in the dewy years can leave strong psychological consequences and lack of self-confidence. Male pattern baldness is not a disease, but it is a serious condition that manifests as an aesthetic disorder. There are a huge number of preparations on the market that promise to restore youthful appearance and hair. Different manufacturers offer shampoos, various vitamins and lotions. Such products usually provide only quick and short-term solutions, as the cause of baldness is difficult to prevent. Some products can also have side effects that can endanger health. To eliminate or at least alleviate the consequences of hair loss, use natural products. We recommend the use of the Hair System® / which provides the look of your natural hair.

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