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I am 52 years old. The first turning point in my life was at the age of 29, when I lost all my hair and was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis. It was very difficult for me to accept this disease and I decided to attend a consultation for the Hair System with Ms. Ambassador Spelo Sheme. At the meeting, I met others who have already used the Hair System and were very satisfied.

For a long time I procrastinated and bought artificial wigs in Ljubljana, Italy. I used 4-5 wigs a year and that’s about approx. 2000,00 Eur, which unfortunately were not so practical or. persistent and airy on the head. I mean, I wasn’t relaxed.

My second turning point in my life was when I decided on the Hair System. I’m sorry I was procrastinating that I hadn’t decided earlier. I am excited and feel light and relaxed as if I have my hair on my head. Again, I can do what I want, play sports - bike, go to Pilates, swim without worries. I feel beautiful and youthful. 

Sincere THANKS, Špela, for acquiring the Hair System and Hairdresser Renata for arranging the shape.

Regards, Erika

My story

I got sick when I was eight years old. It happened all at once, with no particular symptoms other than headaches and fatigue, which I overcame with more sleep and Lekadoli. Then one morning I got very sick and they took me to the hospital. The same afternoon, a diagnosis was made: a 7-cm-long brain tumor - later found to be a fourth-degree glioblastoma - a diagnosis that was and still is considered incurable. 

At the time, as an 8-year-old girl, I didn't know what it was all about, much less die. I knew I had something in my head that would be cut out and it would be all the same again. I remember lying before the operation at the University Medical Center in Ljubljana, and even then my biggest concern was my hair. Like most girls of this age, I dreamed that one day I would have hair that would reach to my knees. But I knew they would take them away from me during the operation. 

The operation was followed by a cycle of chemotherapy and radiation, with the remaining hair falling out badly, so at one point my mother and I decided to shorten this agony by shaving my hair. I remember how we cried when she cut them in my home bathroom, me because of my hair, she because she knew she could lose me. 

After chemotherapy and radiation, the tumor returned and was followed by a second operation, followed by three years of treatment with a trial therapy, which I was able to receive at home. With the help of medical therapy, various bioenergetics, and especially with the encouragement of my loved ones, who always stood by my side and believed in me, I slowly recovered. I went back to school, had my first holy communion with a white hat on my head, and was able to visit friends again. My hair also grew slowly, but the scar and part of the burnt scalp from radiation remained, on which my hair never grew again. 

I solved my scalp problems with hats and handkerchiefs that accompanied me throughout elementary school. When my hair grew so much and got stronger, I combed it back into a ponytail - so the scar somehow covered up. By the end of elementary school, when puberty begins, the problems have increased again. Poor self-esteem, low self-esteem, insults from classmates. It only got worse in high school. So my parents and I kept looking for solutions, but unfortunately without success. The artificial hair wig was uncomfortable, hot, my head itching abnormally after it, and besides, it looked completely artificial. The natural wig was no better in terms of comfort, and there was too much hair in appearance as well. Besides, always the same hairstyle. Then I tried a hairpiece, but it didn’t have the right effect. It clung to my already brittle hair and I felt like someone was pulling my hair all the time. Then I tried another blunt one, which I was also not happy with.

Then we came across FI-Potencial. They promised a lot, and user reviews were also positive. Well, let's try that, we're done. We arranged a meeting in Kranj, where they made a mold for me and chose the color and density of the mesh according to my hair. About three months later, I received a system, instructions, and “instructions” for use. I was thrilled. The system fit my hair perfectly. The look is completely natural, but it’s best to forget you have it on your head. Not hot, no itching like a wig. After many years, I finally felt “normal” again.


Christine - My story,… January!

Ah, no! I have to step in front of the mirror again and put a wig on my head! Again - I've done it a thousand times! And again the questions: “Does hair grow today? Will they even ?? Is there anyone else in this "big" Slovenia who has this same problem ??? Ha, ha problem - this one is good! Can you see me wearing a wig ???? Will anyone notice that I lost my eyebrows and eyelashes? I hope not!!! What if…? How should I answer? How do I explain that they will understand me? !! Or it's blowing outside - this wind is blowing - at least today it wouldn't be blowing and I could take a leisurely walk around the city!… “ »But great! Right! Fine! Ah, that's the way it has to be! Now what????"

alopecija areata

I’ve known for quite some time that this model I’ve been wearing for four years is no longer working! Where else should I look? I searched around Slovenia and Germany, but to no avail! If only I could find a wig somewhere else that gives the appearance of "normalcy".

I am eagerly going to work, searching the internet and despairing! Now what??? I have to take action!

Well, I'll find out about Spela over the phone! Can you imagine? After four years !!! A person who supposedly has the same “problem” as me. Well, that can't be true !!!! And in Kranj! I can not believe !! I'll call her right away and we'll make a deal!

A meeting? What meeting? After just a few minutes, we became friends because we both knew what we were talking about. Isn't it funny that a person has to suffer and suffer for so long and then in the first ten minutes he learns that there are very, very many of us in Slovenia and all of a sudden you are no longer alone!

So “GREETINGS TO EVERYONE WITH A PROBLEM!” Now you’re probably upset and say this is a big problem! Of course it is! But in reality, this problem of mine became a problem when I got my hair system on April 30, 2003.

February, a year later.

Good morning! I'm standing in front of a mirror and I'm even combing my hair! I'm happy! I draw my eyebrows and get my hair done. I find that I'm a little different from the others, but it's this differentness that few people notice that gives me strength.

On April 30, 2003, I came to life again with my hair system! I came home with a completely different hairstyle (I used to have a short wig, but now I have longer hair). People looked at me and didn’t believe their eyes, and I didn’t care so much what they said. From the first moment I felt free, unlimited, ah what, just suuuuuper! It felt so fine, and I still feel like I have hair day and night - that I'm "normal" if I want to.

It is true that at first I had trouble applying and removing the adhesive tape and adjusting the hair system upside down. But believe me, a man gets used to everything very, very quickly! Now I have no more problems with this and I live a "normal" life. I don’t think about how very limited I am anymore because I’m not that anymore!

I normally wash my hair, curl it (if I want to), do my hair. I'm not hot under the system, I can bend over and move without worries. After almost six years, I can swim and jump into the water without any worries. I am no longer afraid of small children and I no longer think about the wind and people… ..

Spela gave me back my femininity! Yes, indeed! You women will understand this better.

The quality of life with the hair system is indescribably better !!!!!

But I will be happy if I can meet and advise one of you. I know what it's like to be completely alone in this world.

KBC - Christine

Mateja - 22 year old


I am Mateja, 22 years old, and five years ago, on December 16, 2008, my hair started to fall out. I got 40mg of Kenalog at the dermatologist, I got 3 doses. After these injections, hair loss accelerated even more. Intensely, my hair began to fall out in tufts from the lower back of my neck up. I was on various examinations: The root of the tooth was pulled out because there were opinions that I had a focus, my tonsils were taken, my thyroid, head, heart, hormone tests, allergy tests, various blood tests were taken. I was in Ljubljana for 14 days where they performed various investigations, I also had a Council. I was also treated through my studies in Austria. I am now diagnosed with Alopecia Areata Totalis. I also spent a lot on various preparations, which unfortunately had no effect. I briefly introduced you to how it started and what was happening now, but now let's move on to choosing a wig, of course because I'm young I didn't want to expose myself to be without hair, because I also went to a psychologist for a while but I still feel better with a wig.

I bought my first wig in Maribor at Eurolas. At first I thought I bought the right thing, but after a while I found out that they sold me other hair and not European. Later, when I was back to buy a new wig, they told me that they don’t sell European hair but they sold it to me undercover that it was European hair. I smeared the wig with glue, which was difficult to clean. Unfortunately, I couldn't swim with this wig, being exposed to the wind. I couldn't comb my hair because I wanted to because it had a fixed strand. In the summer I was hot in it, when I sweated my wig came off my skin. My wig was destroyed in 1 year, my hair fell out a lot, it was like crepe, but it was no longer possible to soften it nicely. When I had a wig, I very rarely didn't know what to do, I didn't know where to buy something that would make my life better and mentally help me have something that was the same as my real hair.

One evening I was browsing the web where I came across the Hair System page, I instantly opened the page and looked at what they have to offer. I read what you can do with this wig, I said to myself that I have to have it too, so that I can feel like others. To which I arranged a meeting with the director Špela Šeme to explain everything to me. So after a while, they took the mold off my head. I waited a bit waiting for the wig until the happy anticipation when he called me. Spela that my system is already in the salon. When I looked at it and had it installed it felt indescribable, the system was so light, the hair so beautiful and of course from real European hair. Wearing my hair system was like having my own hair. I was able to sleep with them, I even swam with them underwater. I was not afraid of anyone noticing that I have a hair system as it looks completely natural. The edge of the system is invisible, the mesh is very light and the skin can breathe normally. I was able to comb my hair to whichever side I wanted. The wind didn't bother me at all to see anything. I felt confident and great. A lot of people around me didn’t know I was wearing a hair system. They thought my hair was mine even once in the hospital they teased me about how I dare to get there saying that I have Alopecia Areata Totalis but when I have such beautiful long hair I just laughed.

When the hair system got rid of after 2 years, I thought of another cheaper option to buy a wig that is similar to the hair system and I ordered it from Pro Kozmo in Ljubljana. When I got it the wig looked beautiful at first they told me I only need conditioner, shampoo and to soften the hair. What I had to keep in mind would be to keep my wig as long as possible shampoo, conditioner, hair softening spray hair mask, skin conditioner, pH adjusting spray, adhesive tape remover. This is not cheap. The prices of these preparations range over € 20. They didn’t mention all of this at the beginning, but that’s not all. Before they sold me the wig, they told me that I didn't need to glue it and that I could swim with it, but when I got it, of course, so that the wig wouldn't fall out of my head and make a haircut or braid my hair, I had to buy New Bond glue. , which costs 60 € and adhesive tapes plus another tape for the back which costs 30 €. Then I bought all that I needed but I deducted quite a bit of money just for these wig maintenance preparations. I went swimming with her a month ago. I had my hair tied in a ponytail, I was in the water for a short time and my hair got really tangled with a needle, I untangled it for 4 days so that it was already mixed. I don’t know how this could have happened. I was very angry as I have barely had it for 7 months even though I was told I could bathe with it normally. Later, when I called what happened to me, I was told I could have another bath wig. Now I can't even make a brush because the silicone is so thick that the strips don't stick to the skin and silicone. I am very hot in this wig now and I have to take it off my head several times a day, which was not the case with my hair system. If I could turn back time to my decision I would decide once again to order a better hair system than this wig.

In the future, when I decide to buy, I will definitely opt for a hair system, because it really makes you feel like you have your own hair. Someone who has their own hair doesn’t understand what someone needs when they don’t have hair and what’s most important. Anyone can sell you a wig, but he says it's not hot under it, of course, if he doesn't wear it because he has his own hair, he can't know. So, to all those who want to feel confident and without any fear and do everything in life that makes them happy without obstacles, I recommend them not to fall prey to other wig manufacturers but turn to Ga.Špela Šeme who sells Hair Systems.

Eva - 18 year old

My story, my illness, my new hair - well, Hair system…

I'm 18 years old Eva. My problem is not alopecia areata, but I lost my hair at the age of 12 when I became ill and probably as a result of therapies and radiation to my head my hair did not grow the way a young girl wants.

If anyone, probably you, who are struggling with similar problems, believe that I did not simply come to terms with it. For a while I wore hats, a little awful artificial wig, then for a while blunt, which was a satisfactory solution, but I couldn't do it in sports that meant a lot to me before the disease - skiing, swimming, playing handball - not walking in the wind… as he was too noticeable. Luckily, I had classmates and friends in elementary school who understood me, didn't make fun of me and accepted me as a "bald head".

the meeting with Špela pleasantly surprised me

However, the transition to high school required a lot of courage and self-confidence, as I got tired of being "something special", which comforted some of me. However, the locals understood me and my mother somehow found out about the Hair System and called Špela the same day. It was the holidays before Christmas, but Špela immediately invited us to Kranj. My mother didn't want to tell me anything concrete before, saying, "You'll see for yourself." I admit that I resisted her idea a bit, because I thought: petSomeone scolded my mother again!

Hollywood Lasni Sistem

But… the meeting with Špela pleasantly surprised me. Not only did I meet someone with a similar problem, I saw hair on her head that seemed SUPER to me. I had to feel them, and almost examine them under a magnifying glass, to believe that this was really a system and not her real hair.

As the saying goes, that every thing is good for something, that in the bad we also find many beautiful things, my illness has also brought me many useful and pleasant things. And among them is certainly Špela, who brought something really useful and useful to us "nakedheads" (and sometimes also "splitters"). She is also a very kind, warm person with whom I can always have a relaxed conversation, who encourages and encourages me.

I probably don't need to emphasize that I was already enthusiastic about the Hair System at the first meeting, that we ordered it immediately and in the spring of l. In 2003, I also looked forward to it.

And really… The hair system now allows me to ¨normal¨ life, whatever it is…

Regards to all,


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My name is Merima and I am from Tuzla in Bosnia.

I am 15 years old. After the chemotherapy, my hair fell out and after that it never grew back like before. Of course, being young bothers me. I wore headgear first, then synthetic wigs. They look unnatural, my skin itched under them, they were hot and I felt insecure with them.

I found the Hollywood Lasni Sistem® on the internet and my parents named it Špela the same day. She offered us to come for a consultation to their consulting studio on Krk in Croatia, which is closer to us than Slovenia. Meeting Špela, who is a very warm and friendly person, surprised me a lot.

We immediately ordered Hair System® from European hair and in two months I got exactly the same ones I had before the disease! I have been wearing the system for over a month now. At first, I tried to stick the adhesive tapes a little longer, but over time I got better and better.

My fear of having someone pull my hair out of my head is slowly disappearing. It’s true that I’m not going to dive with the Lasni Sistem® as I’m getting too good to spoil something (even though they said I can worry-free), but I’m finally relaxing with it after many years. Even the wind doesn’t bother me anymore! I believe this is the best solution for me at the moment, although I always hope that modern medicine will find a cure for this problem.

Greetings, Merima

Sem 22-letni študent in na žalost se tudi sam soočam s težavo, ki ji pravimo plešavost. No, večina moških se najbrž s tem sprijazni in si pač reče : »Saj to je nekaj povsem običajnega za moške.« Glede na to, da sem kar nekaj let imel dolge lase, me njihovo izpadanje in redčenje zagotovo nista pustili ravnodušnega. Sklenil sem, da moram najti »dokončno« rešitev za ta svoj problem, kajti samozavesti mi je že kronično primanjkovalo.

I accidentally stumbled across the Lasni Sistem website, but right from the start, I thought it was just a slightly better wig. Well, I notice that it's supposed to be an invisible edge of the system and a matter that's custom-made. That was enough to make me decide to visit the salon.

I knew Špela was wearing the system, too, so I watched very closely if there was anything to see – look at the bad ass, there really wasn't an edge. Špela and I also tested one system on my head – one really doesn't know he has it on his head because it's so light. Kljub temu je moja skrb ostajala, če bodo res našli prav takšen tip las, kot jih imam sam, kajti pri delnemu sistemu se morajo lasje popolnoma ujemati, če ne je razlika opazna. Kljub temu sem se odločil za sistem, kajti bilo mi je dovolj jutranjih prizorov, ko češeš in češeš, dejansko pa se ne moreš počesati, ker imaš enostavno premalo las na glavi. Tako sem nestrpno, a tudi z malce strahu pričakal dan, ko je bil tudi moj sistem nared. Ob »polaganju« na glavo se je sistem dobesedno zlil z mojimi lasmi. Kar obožujem pri sistemu pa je to, da so na njem zvezani ravni lasje (sam imam malce valovite, ko so daljši, za na sistem pa sem izbral ravne) – kar omogoča lažje oblikovanje in še bolj so mi všeč kot svoji lastni. Sedaj imam pričesko, ki mi ustreza. Najpomembnejše pa je, da sem vsakič, ko se pogledam v ogledalo, zadovoljen z lastno podobo. Res, da cena sistema ni zanemarljiva, je pa tudi res, da je investicija v lastno dobro počutje (kot sam pravim nakupu sistema) skorajda neprecenljiva. Psihološki efekt polne glave las je enkraten. Povrnjena samozavest, oz. boljše počutje v družbi.

No, če omenim še kakšna je bila reakcija prijateljev, oz. tistih, ki me poznajo. Pričakoval sem, da bo kakšen le pogruntal, da imam nekaj na glavi, pa sploh ni bilo tako. Do sedaj ni še nihče razumel, da imam na glavi sistem in ne svoje naravne lase. Najbolj pogost komentar je bil: » A si si pobarval lase, nova barva kajne?« (večja gostota las pač deluje malce temnejše, kot prej, ko se je skozi lase svetila koža). Takrat se človek prikupno nasmehne in reče: » Ja, nova barva, točno tako!«

Sistem je preprost za uporabo, čisto preprosto praktičen – sneti si ga in ponovno nadeti si ga je res mačji kašelj.

Podjetje Fiji d.o.o., (oziroma nedavno preimenovani v Fi Potencial d.o.o.) in zlasti Špelo, želim pohvaliti predvsem za njeno strokovnost, pa tudi zato, ker je venomer na razpolago – tudi za najmanjšo težavo ali nejasnost vam bo vedno pomagala.

Skratka, vse stranke smo res v dobrih rokah.



Najprej se iskreno opravičujem, da je minilo toliko časa, preden sem se
oglasil. Razlog tiči predvsem v tem, da sem bil dalj časa odsoten zaradi
službenega potovanja, tako da sem prišel nazaj šele konec prejšnjega tedna.
Upam, da še niste pozabili name in da me boste še hoteli sfrizirati, ko bo
čas za to. 🙂

Pa še malo o vtisih: lahko povem, da je zadeva neverjetna. Fenomenalna v
vseh pogledih, še posebej, ko jo primerjam s prejšnjim “sistemom”. Najbolj
mi je všeč, da se zares odlično drži glave, saj nisem bil še niti enkrat v
situaciji, ko bi se zbal, da bo odpadel. Sicer res še nisem bil konkretneje
v vodi, je pa razlika več kot očitna pri športnih aktivnostih, kjer mu pot
ne pride do živega. Poleg tega je tudi zelo lahek in se pravzaprav ne
zavedam, da ga nosim. Prejšnji je bil pritrjen za moje lase, kar me je
motilo, saj me je močno vleklo zanje. Prva primerjava, ki mi je padla na
misel pod tušem pri prvem umivanju las, je bila avtomobilistična: pomislil
sem, da je to tako, kot da bi iz stoenke presedlal na mercedesa. 🙂

Zaenkrat imam samo pohvale. Sicer še nisem “iznašel” povsem svoje frizure,
kot sem jo imel v najboljših časih s prejšnjim “sistemom”, sem pa z vsakim
dnem bližje. 🙂

Tako, toliko za sedaj.
LP do prihodnjič!


Sem lastnik lasnega sistema dober mesec, priprave zanj so potekale kakšnega pol leta. Takoj moram povedati, da ta sestavek pišem čisto PROSTOVOLJNO IN NISEM PLAČAN zanj od nikogar. Rad bi samo pomagal kakšnemu, ki še morebiti okleva ali pa ne ve kaj storiti z nastajajočo plešo in je vsakodnevno v frustraciji.

Plešast sem že kakšnih 30 let pa se nisem nikoli sprijaznil s tem, ker se mi zdi, da moja obraz in glava nista za plešo- za nekatere se mi zdi, da jim pleša še paše, večini moškim pa sigurno ne- vprašajte ženske. Pleša prizadene po moje vsakega moškega, pa če to prizna ali pa ne. Marsikaj sem že hotel storiti v zvezi s tem, pa nekako nisem imel volje ali denarja. Takih las ti ne da nobena operacija pa še nobene nevarnosti za zdravje ni.

Odkar ga nosim sem mnogo samozavestnejši, ni me več groza pogledati se v ogledalo, iti okrog brez kape. Uživam, ko se v družini zopet udeležujem » borbe« pred ogledalom za prostor in glavnik in …, ko mi po 30 letih spet gredo lasje v oči, ko zopet ne vem, kakšno pričesko naj si naredim…

Žal mi je samo, da se nisem za ta korak odločil že mnogo prej.

In zakaj sem se odločil za lasni sistem?

Lasje bistveno vplivajo na izgled človeka. Urejujemo si nohte, pulimo dlake, obiskujemo fitnes, hujšamo, se namenoma redimo, barvamo se; operiramo nos, ustnice, ušesa, pa vendar vse to ne vpliva na izgled tako bistveno kot lasje. Z obleko lahko skriješ večino »lepotnih napak«, pleša pa se vidi tudi iz letala- zakaj ne bi uredili najprej to? Danes je to mogoče in zelo dostopno.

Da lasje niso moji? Če sem jih kupil in plačal so moji in to po moji meri in mojih željah.

Da se ne obnavljajo sami? Bom pa čez štiri leta ali prej kupil nove.

Da je »muka« vsak dan dajat sistem gor pa dol? Pa saj ga ni treba, če nočeš. Lahko tudi spiš v njem.

Da je to pač lasulja, kot vsaka? Lasni sistem je izdelan tako kvalitetno, da je žalitev to poimenovati lasulja.

Da sem celo življenje plešast, sedaj pa se nekaj grem? Sem pač spremenil imidž. Nočem več biti tisti- saj veš…oni čelavi…aja tisti…zdaj vem ja. Lahko bi se tudi obril kot večina- preveč enostavno

Kaj bodo rekli drugi? Pa keri drugi te? Briga me za druge. Do sedaj se niso sekirali zame, zakaj bi se zdaj?

Prednosti uporabe lasnega sistema:

– Samozavest prav seka okrog mene, počutim se kot milijon evrov

– vrhunska izdelava- niti forenziki ne pogruntajo, da ga imaš

– v studiu so mi pomagali izbrati res dober sistem, ki mi povsem odgovarja in se vključuje v moje lase neopazno

– enostavna uporaba- nosim ga kot svoje lase,zvečer je prava žalost, ko si dam dol »frizuro«, ker jo čuvam

– nobena operacija ne nudi take frizure

– ljudje so se me hitro navadili, kar me je precej skrbelo, v bistvu pa ne vejo ali sem si pustil rasti lase ali kaj

– izgledam vsaj 10 let mlajši

– ko je ne potrebuješ frizure jo lahko snameš, da te ne ovira pri delu- pač hodim s čepico okoli- nihče ne preštima

– uporabljam ga tudi pri športu- pri vožnji s kolesom tudi brez čelade, v vetru, na fitnesu, na kopanju se pač ne potapljam ker ga je škoda- pa bi se lahko

In slabosti:

– vsi mislijo, da nosim sistem zato da bi osvajal mlajša dekleta- še dobro, da mi žena stoji ob strani

Če citiram inšpektorja Callahan-a – Dirty Harry-a: verjetno obstaja sto razlogov ne nositi lasnega sistema ampak trenutno se ne morem spomniti nobenega.


Pozdravljeni! (vsa ekipa)

Moram vam povedati, da sem zelo zadovoljna s sistemom, navdušeni so tudi vsi ostali – moj fant, ostala družina, prijatelji. Dolgo sem oklevala z nakupom, saj je zame to kar velik strošek, samo če pomislim zdaj, pa mi je žal, da se nisem odločila že prej. Mislim da sem nazaj pridobila ogromno samozavesti, končno sem spet zadovoljna sama s seboj in sem bolj mirna.

Nakup priporočam res vsem, ki imajo iste težave, se izplača. Vsi pravijo, da sem zdaj zopet ista oseba, vedno nasmejana, bolj sproščena, lahko tečem, plešem, skačem, plavam…, če piha burja, me ne moti, skratka…jaz sem navdušena!

Pa še nakaj je! Srečanje s Špelo! Morate jo spoznati, res vam spremeni življenje, obrne vam ga na glavo, samo v pozitivnem smislu!



Lep pozdrav!!

Lasulje že nosim 14 let. Ker se stanje ne izboljšuje, imam alopecio totalis, sem že razmišljala o presaditvi las. Naveličala sem se grobih lasulj, srbenja glave, vedno iste frizure z veliko las, vročine…

Za Lasni sistem sem izvedela iz časopisa in že ob prebiranju članka sem se odločila, da moram to preizkusiti. Odločila sem se za nakup in kmalu sem dobila novo frizuro. Kako krasen občutek je to bil, se ne da opisati. Lasje se držijo glave, kot bi bili tvoji.

Prej sem nosila navadne lasulje, ki se lahko zelo zategnejo, vendar me je to motilo, zato sem imela pritrjene zelo rahlo. Neprijetno sem se počutila v množici ljudi, na vetru oz. povsod, kjer bi lahko lasulja padla z glave.

Z Lasnim sistemom so ti strahovi povsem odveč. Velikokrat si sistema sploh ne pritrdim z lepilnimi trakovi, ker je tako oblikovan po glavi, da se drži glave bolj kot navadna lasulja.

Po dolgem, predolgem času lahko plavam brez bojazni, da me bo kdo poškropil po glavi, lahko se celo potapljam, se tuširam na plaži, ker se tudi mokri lasje Lasnega sistema obnašajo kot naravni lasje. Veter me sploh ne moti več, spet sem se začela ukvarjati s športnimi aktivnostmi in še bi lahko naštevala.


Moje ime je Janka in živim v Celju. Sicer nisem pisateljica, vendar se bom potrudila, da povem malo o sebi in poti, ki me je pripeljala do Šemetove Špele.

Pred 4 leti se mi je spremenilo življenje. Tisti, ki to berete, boste vedeli, o čem govorim. Da, začeli so mi izpadati lasje. Moji lasje, po kakršnih je hrepenela marsikatera ženska. Bili so dolgi, močni in zelo gosti. Slučajno sem opazila, da mi za ušesom manjka šop las za 5 tolarski kovanec. Seveda sem hitro tekla k zdravniku. In potem se je začelo. Tekala sem od doktorja do doktorja. Bila sem že na robu obupa. Nekega dne sem pri dermatologu srečala dekle, ki je pred mano slekla lasuljo. Zabičala mi je, da se ne smem skriti med 4 stene in moram živeti dalje. OK, da ne morim s tem. V roku pol leta se je stanje zelo poslabšalo in treba je bilo razmišljati o lasulji. Moj frizer mi je pomagal po svojih močeh in svetoval, kam naj se obrnem. Tako sem kupila lasuljo in frizer me je obril, jaz pa sem si nataknila lasuljo. Za razjokat!! Hitro sem se sprijaznila s tem in zaživela, kakor se je pač dalo. Moram povedati, da sem imela ob sebi ljudi, ki so mi zelo stali ob strani, pa še partnerja, ki me je kljub temu ljubil. Potem sem hitro ugotovila, da kar naprej piha (veter sem prej oboževala), da ne morem v savno, da ne morem več na odbojko, košarko. Potem so mi odpadle še obrvi in trepalnice. Ko sem se zjutraj zbudila, sem hotela jokat. Bila sem kot slika brez okvirja (Špeline besede). Brez make up-a nisem mogla več nikamor. Šla sem v Ljubljano, kjer so mi naredili permanentni make up, obrvi. Tam pa sem videla reklamo za ta novi Lasni sistem. Vzela sem reklamni listek, ampak priznam, da je obležal v torbici in nekako sem pozabila nanj.

Na zadnjem posvetu pri dermatologu v Ljubljani pa mi je doktor omenil to isto stvar. Seveda sem naslednji dan poslala e-mail in presenečena že naslednji dan dobila odgovor od Špele. Tako sem prišla do Lasnega sistema. Lasje so bili dolgi in lepi, kot moji nekoč. Ko sem si ga prvič sama nataknila, sem bila čisto potna. Lepilni trakovi sploh niso prijeli. Sedaj sem že zverzirana in porabim malo časa za to. In tudi spotim se ne več. Spet sem začela uživati v športu, kopanju in savni. Celo veter me več ne moti. Spet ga imam rada. Potapljam se sicer ne, čeprav sem rekla, da hočem Lasni sistem ravno zaradi tega. Da lahko dam na morju glavo pod vodo. Verjetno bi se dalo, ampak mi je Lasnega sistema malo žal. Tudi 3 dni sem ga imela na glavi neprekinjeno, ker smo šli s prijatelji na jadranje. Še vedno pa sem najbolj srečna, ko pridem domov in dam ˝lase dol˝.

Velikokrat se mi zgodi, da kdo pohvali mojo frizuro, ali barvo las. Jaz pa rečem: ¨Kaj ne veš? LASNI SISTEM IMAM!!! ŽIVIM!


En lep pozdrav!

Sem Miha iz Ljubljane in ker me je zadnje čase zmeraj bolj motila misel, da bom slej ko prej plešast, sem se odločil, da je nujno treba nekaj ukreniti, da pridobim potrebno samozavest nazaj. Odločil sem se, da bom poizkusil z Lasnim sistemom pri podjetju FIJI (preimenovan v Fi potencial d.o.o.), ki se mi je takrat zdel najbolj ustrezna rešitev. Ko so mi vzeli kalup, kjer so mi manjkali lasje, me je najbolj skrbela barva (če jo bodo zadeli) in vendar sem na koncu ugotovil, da je bil za njih to najmanjši problem.

Zdaj nosim Lasni sistem že eno leto in moram povedati, da delam z njim enako, kot bi imel svoje naravne lase, saj lahko normalno plavam, igram nogomet in tudi če veter močno piha, se nimam česa bati (da bi kaj dol padlo). In ravno zato mi je ta Lasni sistem tako všeč.

Fiji ima svoj salon, tako da je odveč skrb, da ne bi imeli miru pred drugimi strankami, saj je vsaka stranka naročena ob točno določeni uri.

Vesel sem, da sem se odločil za Lasni sistem.