Hollywood Lasni Sistem® - the best solution!

Hollywood Lasni Sistem® is the most modern alternative to hair transplantation, which comes to Slovenia from the USA and changes the lives of people who suffer from hair loss.

It is neither surgery nor a wig. It is a transparent microgrid, which is made in Switzerland or Germany to measure by an individual, with the help of a previously removed gypsum mold. The hair is attached to it by hand. One by one, with special, patent-protected knots, which gives the Hollywood Hair System® a big advantage over competing products.

Let hair loss and baldness be a thing of the past for you!

The hair is added to the Hollywood Lasni Sistem® one by one, with special, patent-protected knots, achieving a unique effect of natural hair density. The more you comb them, the more the knot tightens, which means significantly less hair loss than the best wigs are able to achieve. Of course, this also means two to eight times longer life than the best wigs, as you can use the Hair System® with proper care for up to four years or even more (depending on the frequency and method of wearing and proper care).

The unique feature of the Hollywood Hair System® is that it allows the skin to breathe, which is why it has also attracted the attention of dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Even with quality wigs made of natural hair, the skin sweats, which often leads to itching or rashes on the scalp. Hair is often even radioactive! Hair transplants often cause inflammation of the grafts or excessive sensitivity of the scalp to heat or various materials. Hollywood Hair System®, with its mesh structure, means a restored optimal look - with a full head of hair and without the risk of interfering with the body or the uncomfortable feeling of wearing an unstable dog on your head. In Slovenia, people who suffer from hair loss and / or have lost their hair most often find out about Hollywood Hair Systems® from experts at the Clinical Center, the Department of Plastic Surgery, dermatology departments, the Oncology Institute, some pharmacies and hospitals in Gorenjska. 

If the entire part that covers the head and to which the hair is attached is not made of the highest quality (durable, light and custom made invisible mesh) that allows the skin to breathe, you do not have the Hollywood Hair System ® in front of you, but plain or custom made wig, blunt, or hair insert or one of the variants of horny ribbons that form a net with approx. centimeter holes through which your hair is pulled and tightened.

The micro-mesh base - the Hair System® mesh - is individually made after the plaster casting of the head and in the skin tone of the individual. With patented hair knots, European hair of the highest quality (in the selected color and length) is individually attached by hand.

European hair is thinner than Asian and therefore more suitable for us with its texture. They are the highest quality that exists on hair exchanges (so-called virgin hair - virgin, or never treated hair). Only the highest quality hair can withstand combing, exposure to sunlight, washing… even up to four years. The hair is properly tested so that it does not cause any allergies.

The manufacturing technology allows for a perfect fit of the head and was developed in Hollywood. It offers scalp breathing and unlimited sports activities, including diving, horseback riding and even martial arts.

The attachment itself is also revolutionary, as they have developed extremely strong transparent adhesive tapes especially for Hollywood Lasni Sistem®, which do not peel off even under water and are medically tested, which is extremely important that they do not irritate the skin! The Hollywood Hair System® is incredibly light and offers only minimal water resistance - just like your own hair.

You can buy a real Hollywood Hair System® of the highest quality in Slovenia and Croatia only in Kranj (the company Fi potencial doo ), Maribor (salon Irene Cebe na Pobrežju ) and on Krk, HR ( Villa Splendissima doo ).

The Lasni Sistem® looks like your own hair. This also allows for a revolutionary straight back combing, which is not feasible with even the best wigs or tupes - without seeing the edge! It cuts especially well in the typically male form of hair loss on the front and top of the head, as it is made after an individual's haircut pattern.