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Due to numerous abuses of the legal trademark name Hollywood Lasni Sistem® - as a trademark - we have opened a gallery of articles.

We systematically educate clients

Visitors to our website can see that since 2002 we have been systematically educating clients who are losing or have already lost their hair about the best solution for partial or complete alopecia - baldness.

We can rightly say that we understand from personal experience how a person feels with this phenomenon, we take time for him and offer him psychological help in an individual consultation and advise him in choosing the best solution.

The name Lasni Sistem® and all derivatives of this name are legally protected by the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Slovenia. The only owner of the brand that guarantees the highest quality is the company Fi Potencial doo from Kranj. The use of the trademark name is permitted only to franchisees / licensees to use that name.

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