Self-help group

As we have already mentioned, healthy humor and a positive attitude towards life help with hair loss. But building a strong personality requires some time, which is greatly shortened by contact with people from the Self-Help Group.

Positive attitude towards life.

Everyone who is facing hair loss finally has their own Self-Help Group in Slovenia. Here, information is shared on state-of-the-art ways to mentally and aesthetically overcome topic-related trauma and weave friendships. Regarding aesthetic bridging, interest in the Group is triggered by a novelty that has already supplanted unpleasant hair transplants and impractical wigs in the USA. It’s called the Hollywood Hair System, and it’s even suitable for underwater sports and martial arts.

Until recently, a person facing hair loss in Slovenia or the immediate vicinity of our country had nowhere to turn for a set of first-hand advice and experience on how to experience and accept this condition as painlessly as possible. Following the example of American extremely successful self-help groups, in 2003, a similar group of people started working in Slovenia, connected with the latest findings from the world of psychological and aesthetic bridging of hair loss.

Happy attendees of the NAAF conference in Los Angeles.

Another compelling reason to socialize with the Group is the presence of a person who is up to date with information. Most people in Slovenia, for example, do not yet know that there is a product for bridging hair loss that can restore the quality of life which was had before the loss. Many people think of a wig for bridging, which automatically means a lower quality of life, as it is hot, uncomfortable, the skin does not breathe, and on top of all that it is difficult to fix its stability. This means that people who are already affected by hair loss often give up the things that usually entertained and relaxed them the most, such as sports: Diving, often swimming, football or any kind of jumping, as well as motorcycling or car with open roof, surfing or sauna.

The stories of people from the Self-Help Group reveal hardships that are inconceivable to those with hair. Instead of looking forward to a ski trip, they give it up or attend it with the constant fear of when something will fly off their heads or how they will sleep in a mountain hut without being caught in the shower or sleeping without a blanket. Not to mention the hardships of the workplace, especially if they are tied to field work, i.e. windy and sunny days. In the former, the affected are usually afraid because they live in tension, when the wind will reveal some edge of the wig or even move it, while in the latter the heat is an unloved factor that contributes to discomfort. Just imagine walking around in the summer with a knit hat on your head!

Our Self-Help Group meets at the Kranj Health Center 2-4x / year.

Currently, our Self-Help Group meetings have been canceled. Health Kranj has informed us that due to the coronavirus, all social gatherings will be canceled until further notice. A new date will be announced later.