Hair loss

no problem anymore!

Are you losing your hair? The solution is wigs, hair spots, and above all Hollywood Hair Sistem®!

We offer aesthetic solutions against hair loss!

The Hair System is a patented solution which replaces the hair you've lost. Without any surgery, we give you your desired appearance. There is also a large range of men's and women's hybrid wigs from the highest quality natural European hairs of the same Hollywood manufacturer.

Izpadanje Las

Why choose us?

We are hair loss experts

More than 35 years of experience and 20 years operating as a business!

The head of the Lasni Sistem® department, Dr. Špela Šeme, an active member of the NAAF, has more than 35 years of experience in bridging hair loss and also wears the Lasni Sistem®.

Dr. Špela Šeme, actively works with international experts in the field of field alopecia's causes and regularly organizes educational seminars on this topic and leads the Self-Help Group. Members of the entire team operating in our department either have their own experience of hair loss, or one of the loved ones has lost their hair.

We provide quality services, support and counselling at every step of the process.

Self-help group meetings

In the event of hair loss, the most healthy humor and positive attitude to life helps. But building a solid personality takes a while, which is greatly shortened when interacting with people in the Self-Help Group. We know how important it is for a man in need to have someone he can turn to and if that person has gone through the same experience, all the better!

Inadmissibility, quality and sustainability

Since Dr. Šeme has spent a lot of time abroad (USA, Asia, Australia...) privately and professionally, she first sought the best solutions for hair loss for herself and then, of course, others. That's why our solutions are the best from all over the world. They are designed with great care to quality and durability, providing a reliable, long-lasting and seamless natural appearance.

What do people say about the Lasni Sistem®?

"I owned the Lasni Sistem for a good month, the preparations for it took about six months. I have to say right away that I'm writing this article quite willingly and I'm not paid for by anyone. I just want to help someone who may or doesn't know what to do with the emerging bald and is in frustration every day.'


I accidentally stumbled across the Lasni Sistem website, but right from the start, I thought it was just a slightly better wig. Well, I notice that it's supposed to be an invisible edge of the system and a matter that's custom-made. That was enough to make me decide to visit the salon.

I knew Špela was wearing the system, too, so I watched very closely if there was anything to see – look at the bad ass, there really wasn't an edge. Špela and I also tested one system on my head – one really doesn't know he has it on his head because it's so light.

22-year-old student

"I'm 52 years old. The first turning point in my life was at the age of 29, when I lost all my hair and I was diagnosed with Universitylis alopecia. I found it very difficult to accept this disease and I decided to attend a consultation for The Lasni Sistem ambassador, Špela Šeme. At the meeting I met others who had already used the Hairni Sistem and were very pleased.

For a long time, I was procrastinating and buying fake wigs in Ljubljana, Italy...."

The first turning point in my life was at the age of 29

Good morning! I'm standing in front of a mirror and I'm even combing my hair! I'm happy! I draw my eyebrows and get my hair done. I find that I'm a little different from the others, but it's this differentness that few people notice that gives me strength.

- Christine with her Hollywood Lasni Sistem®

Allow yourself to live a full, unburdened, satisfied life again. Call us!

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